My Story

I've been taking photos ever since — well, remember when Sprint came out with the first camera phones? The initial spark to this particular venture that I call Rare Sighting Photography, however, ignited in 2012.  

I wasn't a photographer. I was a pharmacy student eager to finally finish my collegiate studies and begin a promising career.

Like many creatives, I was stunted by the mentality that "dreams don't keep the lights on.” It's no surprise that many of my dreams outside of becoming a pharmacist were put on the back-burner.

Overcome by a strong desire, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and disregard the "What If?" thinking. As I began shooting professionally, my passion for wedding and portrait photography deepened.

An appreciable contrast exists between pharmacy and photography. It is my pleasure to use my artistry to capture the real moment — and the real you. But, how cool is it that your potential wedding photographer is a licensed pharmacist?

Thanks for making it this far, but you came here to check out my work, right? Click here to view my portfolio.